ILMxLAB / Concept Artist

4/2022- current    

       - create Star Wars marketing art: 2D flat graphics, 2D motion graphics, 3D renderings, 3D

          animations, 3D models, concept sketches, video and sound editing

       - quickly problem solve and own a task from start to finish, jumping between multiple artistic

         disciplines and tools


Epic Games / Creative Screenshot Lead

4/2019- 4/2022    
       - create Fortnite still images rendered out of Unreal Engine for in-game and marketing use

       - pose characters, set dress, animate, light, render, create custom art assets when needed (fx,

         blueprints, materials, models, prop rigs)

       - mentor and manage team of junior artists that work on marketing images for Fortnite Creative

Booz Allen Hamilton / Lead Artist

3/2018- 4/2019  
       - create VR game assets, animations, and marketing materials

       - manage a team of artists to ensure asset standards and deadlines are met

adidas Group / 3D Artist

4/2016- 12/2017     
       - create photorealistic 3D models of footwear for website and commercial use
       - maintain 3D assets and associated documents

       - collaborate with other departments to ensure quality production

Mark Bric Display / 3D Artist

7/2013- 4/2016    

       - responsible for concept renderings, marketing materials, product animations, and

         client relations.

      - oversaw growth of company's art department


 BFA - Animation                                    
Savannah College of Art and Design/ Savannah, GA

AST in Veterinary Medicine- Veterinary Technician 

The Vet Tech Institute/ Pittsburgh, PA